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Camas Lilly Calendula Oil/Free Crème

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    Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème 2 oz pH 6.0 - Emollient & gentle for oily, problematic, acneic skin type


    • High regenerative properties without irritation
    • Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation
    • Calming and soothing, balances the skin, hydrating, lightweight formula
    • Clarifies and brightens skin tone
    • US spas’ best kept secret. Enjoy the difference!

    Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème is the product of copious research and is used in beauty salons and spas all over North America. Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème is a sheer, light-bodied moisturizer that delicately imparts emolliency to your skin while creating a protective film that shields your skin from the constant barrage of environmental stresses as it keeps the moisture in. Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème is a gentle cream for oily and problematic skin. Derived from the dried flowers of golden marigolds, calendula flower extract is known to help soothe skin inflammation as it softens and heals. Mild mannered, skin-friendly calendula offers herbal conditioning to Camas Lilly Calendula oil-free formula - its esters are fortified by the vitamins A (a skin normalizer), C (a potent antioxidant) and E (a natural moisture binder). The lemon bioflavonoids in Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème have a refreshing, cleansing and purifying property and balance the skin. The horsetail plant extract in Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème encourages skin epithelialization and connective tissue rejuvenation. It has a high vegetal silica content, soothing and softening the skin. The biominerals (magnesium, manganese, iron and copper) in the horsetail plant extract are necessary for collagen and elastin biosynthesis, and have astringent properties. Other ingredients in Camas Lilly Calendula Oil-Free Crème are the hop and Scotch pine cone extracts, both having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties producing and producing mild firming, soothing and balancing, toning actions. Rosemary leaf extract stimulates, purifies and invigorates the skin. Apply to clean skin twice daily.

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